Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And then...there are days like this...

I will get to Part 2 in the next few days, but just so you realize just how much I don't "have it all together"...

For the past few days I really haven't felt well.  I'm 35 weeks pregnant, and my energy level has been very minimal today and yesterday.  I feel exhausted.  I have indigestion that makes me feel nauseous.  If I could lay in bed all day...I think I would!

I have a two year old who is just so stinkin' cute, but his energy level is through the roof and his curiosity is through...well... I don't know...the atmospshere!  He has emptied out nearly every piece of clothing from his dresser a few times yesterday, first thing this morning, and I have been too scared to veer into his room the rest of the day, so I have no idea what it looks like now.  He also had fun playing in the toilet this afternoon when I was doing something else, which means he needs cleaned, the toilet needs cleaned, and the floor needs cleaned, too.  Maybe I should have made him take a nap today?!

I have another child who seems to take pride in getting on everyone's last nerve lately....including mine!  Yes, I love him dearly, but it is still possible for someone you love to get on your nerves!

I have another child who gets overwhelmed very easily and falls apart several times a day.  When I don't have energy it's hard to muster up energy to pull him back up again.

I have another child who I think truly believes that multiplication is straight from the devil!  Is it???

I have another child who...well...he's been pretty good!

And then, I have a baby girl who just needs mommy to have energy!

Like I said the other day...not every day is lollipops, giggles and glitter (and let me remind you...I still despise glitter!), but in a few hours these little people will be sleeping blissfully in their beds, I will put my feet up, and tomorrow I will hopefully wake up with more energy!!!  Please, Lord!

And for today, I am grateful for Campbell's chicken and noodle soup! 

Even in the the energy-less, difficult days...I will choose to count my blessings...one, two, three, four, five, six...and in five weeks...seven!!!

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