Thursday, March 10, 2011

A "sort of" trip to China

We are studying China this week and next week in school.  My kids have been intrigued by China for the past year, so they are super excited to finally get to study this country.  Roger works with "Lucy" who is from China, so he asked if she would be interested in joining us for dinner to tell us about her country.  Thankfully, she said she would be happy to come!
We had SO much fun!!!  She was so sweet!  She answered all of our questions and taught us some Chinese and wrote "The Lord's Prayer" in Chinese for Lauren and then read it for us, too. She also brought gifts from the last time she was in China.  She was such a sweetheart!
I made orange chicken with white rice and sesame chicken with noodles.  Lucy said it was good!  She also told me about a Chinese market close by and offered to go with us to try some new foods.  I think that would be a great opportunity!  This was a great evening!

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