Friday, August 28, 2009

Ian--Twenty-nine weeks

Little smiley is doing so well! He is happy, content, laid back, and so very sweet!
Not much has changed in the past week. He gets four, 6 ounce bottles a day and cereal, oatmeal, or baby food at mealtimes. He still doesn't like green beans. He doesn't really care for peaches, either. He didn't like apples at first, but seems to like them more now. He loves squash and sweet potatoes! He tried peas today and wasn't crazy about it, but still ate it. He may end up being a picky eater.


Dana said...

SO cute! Have a great vacation! I wish I could join you! Maybe next summer I can come with the kids and stay for a week or more! Pray that it works out!!!!!

Laurie said...

What a cutie!!! How's he do on your vacation, Kerry??

Laurie said...

I, of course, meant "how'd" he do, LOL. :)