Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ian--Twenty five and Twenty six weeks old

Yes, I am way behind! I wanted to update before I left town last week, but ran out of time, and then my mom's computer would not allow me to update for some reason. So, I may be late, but here it is...

A LOT has changed with my little monkey boy! He got his first tooth last Saturday! He started on baby cereal last Friday. He started baby oatmeal yesterday. He became really good at rolling from his back to his stomach while he and I were at my parents house. This always creates a problem because then he couldn't roll back over to his back, so he would wake up several times in the night, and I would have to get up and roll him back over. Thankfully, he became good at rolling from his stomach to his back today. Now, he sleeps sort of on his stomach and side while sucking his thumb. It's so cute!

Six month check-up yesterday!!! He weighed 19 pounds, 3 ounces. He measured 27.5 inches long. His head measured 17.25 inches. That puts him in the 80th %tile for height and weight, and the 50th for his head. He got two shots and the rotovirus liquid. He didn't even cry with the first shot, and calmed down very quickly after the second. He is a champ!