Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ian--Twenty eight weeks

I think Ian has another tooth working its way through, but it's not there yet. He is in his new schedule pretty well now...7:30--6 ounce bottle, small cup of rice ceral; 10:00--nap; 12:00--6 ounce bottle and small cup of food (he tried green beans this week, but is not too fond of them, he tried sweet potatoes on Sunday, but wasn't too fond of that either, he tried squash today and wasn't too fond of it at first, but seemed to like it after several spoonfuls); 2:30--nap, 4:30--6 ounce bottle; 5:30--dinner with the oatmeal; 7:30--6 ounce bottle and off to bed for the night.

I'll keep working on vegetables through the weekend, and then we'll probably move on to fruits next week.

Ian's favorite things: Mommy, Daddy, his doting sister and brothers, rice cereal and oatmeal, his bottle, his thumb, his TOES (loves them!).

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John and Elisa Seaba said...

aww, i love those chubby legs! so cute!