Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ian--Four Weeks Old

Ian is One Month Old today!!! I cannot believe a month has already passed. He had a check-up yesterday. He weighed 8 pounds, 7 ounces and was 22 inches long. He drinks 4 ounces of formula (Nestle Good Start) every three hours during the day. After he drinks his bottle during the day I change his diaper and then he is wide awake for about 1.5 hours. He usually drinks his last bottle at 10:00 pm, I put him in bed at 10:30, and then he either wakes up at 2:00 am and then 5:00 am, or he will sleep until 3:00 am and then I often wake him up at 7:00 am to eat again. He goes back and forth between those hours at night. He enjoys sucking on a Mam pacifier quite a bit. It seems to be the only brand he likes. He is very content unless he is hungry, or wants to be held as he goes to sleep. Our family is really enjoying our "little peanut!"

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Jamey and Angela Moore said...

Oh those feeding hours..Jack is 6mths and STILL keeps those hours even though he is up to 6oz with 3-4 spoons of cereal mixed in. Ian is such a cutie!