Friday, February 27, 2009

Ian's Birth Story

Since my body wouldn't kick into hard labor on the 29th of January we decided to stop the induction and come back the following week on the 4th of February. I grew up with a friend who had this birthday, but died when we were 24, so I thought it would be great to have a baby on Troy's birthday. The doctor who delivered all of our other boys was on-call that day and we were fine with him being there to deliver. My doctor said she would come deliver if she could make it over.
7:00 am--Arrived at the hospital
7:20 am--finished with registration and headed up to triage
8:00 am--Dr. Perez came to begin induction with Misopristol (2cm internal, 3-4cm external, soft, but not very effaced)
8:09 am--first contraction
8:30 am--got up and began walking the halls
11:30am --Dr. Perez broke my water (close to 3 cm, still not very effaced)
12:00 pm--moved into a labor/delivery room
1:30 pm--Contractions were spaced out and not strong, so I asked to begin Pitocin (The nurse walked in my room as I was leaning over my bed crying. She was excited because she thought I was finally in pain, but laughed when I said, "No, I'm not in pain, but I know I need to be...and this isn't working." She said I was the first person she had seen cry because I wasn't in pain!
2:00 pm--iv with Pitocin
4:00 pm--still not a good labor pattern. I was tired and very frustrated. I had hoped he would be here by 4:00!
6:00 pm--still not a good labor pattern, but contractions were more painful. Pitocin was increased every 20 minutes from the time it began.
7:00 pm--contractions are painful! I had to breath through them with my eyes closed. I'm so tired and frustrated. (3-4 cm)
9:00 pm--Tired of being in pain. Scared of what is to come. Contractions are getting more painful and annoying. (4 cm, beginning to efface more)
11:45 pm--Roger says, "Well, it looks like Ian isn't going to be born February 4th." Bummer!
In A LOT of pain. Moaning through contractions. My fabulous nurse, Anna, had been in my room for over an hour. She was waiting for me to say I felt pressure, so she could call the doctor quickly. She did not want to deliver my baby! The end of labor goes REALLY fast for me!
12:15 am--I tell Anna, "You need to check me now. I felt a little bit of pressure with that one."
She checked me and said I was 6 cm and 100% effaced. She told the other nurses to call the doctor. She checked me during my next contraction to "see if the doctor can take 20 minutes, or if he needs to get here in 10." I told her, "You'd better make it 10!"
12:30 am-- I am blowing through contractions and feeling an urge to push.
12:35 am--Dr. Perez arrives, gets every thing ready
12:40 am --Dr. Perez tells me to push through the next contraction. I pushed through two contractions AND...
12:46 am --We saw Ian's face for the first time!

He didn't cry. We were a little concerned. Dr. Perez said his cord was long enough to be a jump rope. It was loosely around his neck. The nurse gave Ian to me after she wrapped him up, so I could hold him again, but he looked really white/gray and still wasn't crying, so she took him to get him taken care of and to try to get his color to turn pink.

He was 7 pounds, 5 ounces and 20 inches long. He has mine and Lauren's nose and mouth, and Ari's big eyes. He has dark hair, but blonde eyebrows and eyelashes. We are so blessed to have him in our family!

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