Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ian--Three weeks old

Ian is three weeks old today. Time is flying too fast! His cord fell off last Friday, so he got his first tub bath on Saturday. He is a really good baby! He likes to be cuddled in a warm blanket and held when it is time for him to go to sleep. He is on a perfect three hour eating schedule until his last feeding when he is too hungry to wait three hours, so it tends to be closer to 2 and a half hours. So, he eats at 7 am, 10, 1, 4, 7pm, 9:30-10:00, and 3 am. He will eat 2.5 ounces, be awake and very wide-eyed for about 1.5 hours, then asleep until it is time to eat again. He fits in his newborn clothes a lot better now, so I know he has grown a lot! He has had a lot of discharge in his left eye. He has been on an antibiotic eye drop for a week. The doctor said it may be a clogged tear duct. He is off his medicine now. It didn't start clearing up until a few days ago, but now his eye seems teary. If it has a discharge in the next few days we will know the tear duct is clogged and the doctor will teach us how to massage it next week at his 1 month check-up. Overall, he is doing amazingly well! Our entire family is very much in love with him!

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Jennifer said...

He so cute!! Thank you for sharing all the information with us:)