Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Got milk?

I don't!!! Once again, my body is not producing milk. Over the past two weeks I have been taking a combination of three herbs (making my body smell like maple syrup...yum!), drinking Mother's milk tea and Fenugreek tea, eating oatmeal, eating yogurt, eating well, drinking a lot of water, breastfeeding and pumping like a crazy woman...and I still only get out a few drops. I also started on a prescription, which is known to increase milk and it isn't working either. I saw the lactation consultant last Thursday. We weighed Ian, then I fed him on one side, then we weighed him again. He got a whopping 1/10th of an ounce. She said he was burning more calories breastfeeding then what he was getting. That's not what I wanted to hear! He wasn't quite up to his birth weight either, but he was close!

So, Roger told me to quit breastfeeding and go exclusively to a bottle. I am disappointed, but not surprised. I didn't produce milk with Ari or Miles either. I had an abundance with Lauren and Franklin. No one can figure out why my body won't produce. I certainly gave it everything I could to get a milk supply!

I know it's silly, but sometimes I worry that people will judge me for not breastfeeding...not knowing how hard I have tried, and how hard it is on me to not be able to breastfeed. So, if you are a mom...Count it a blessing if you are able to breastfeed! I took it for granted with my first two.


Jennifer said...

Amen, I could not breast feed Sean :( It hard, I will be praying for you :)

Pegsy said...

Awww, I know how disappointed you must be, but don't beat yourself up. You definitely tried everything! I would be afraid of people judging me too, though, so I understand. People's breastfeeding comments/opinions can be just as bad as pregnancy comments... Isn't it wonderful that there is such a thing as formula?! In the old days, you would have to watch a wet nurse, breastfeed your baby! At least you can cuddle little Ian while he drinks his bottle! Blessings to both of you as you transition.

P.S. I took fenugreek pills while I was breastfeeding Sara and I smelled like maple syrup for months! It's such a funny side effect!