Monday, January 7, 2013

Spirit of fear?

Roger and I took Lauren and Franklin and a friend to a concert a few nights ago.  While it was really fun, I have to admit that I had a fear running through me the entire time.  It was really crowded...over 11,000 people.  The thought that kept entering my mind was...

"What if someone, or some people brought guns into this arena?  No one checked at the door.  It would have been too easy.  What should I do?  Roger could grab and cover Franklin and I would need to get Lauren and Lauren to the floor and cover them.  There is no way we could get out of here in this crowd." 

Ughhh...  When my kids go outside to play, and I am not out with them, I have implemented the buddy system.  No one can play outside alone.  Why?  Not because of snakes, but because of potential kidnappers who have lurked around the past year.  Thankfully, they haven't been successful, but I think they are still out there.  My kids have been told that if a car stops in front of our house they are to answer no questions...just run into the house!

Have you been to a movie lately?  Did you think about the recent shootings in movie theaters?  Did you wonder if that could happen to you?  Did a little fear run through your body?

Have you been to a mall lately?  Did you look around at others more closely?  Do you wonder if the mall where you shop is free of gunmen?

For those of you who send your children to you have a sense of trepidation each day they step onto the bus, or when you watch them walk through the doors of their school?  "Safety" is one of the reasons we chose to homeschool.  I can go into that more in a future post.  I have to admit that I was happier than ever to have my children home with me when I saw the news report about the shootings in Newtown, CT.

The Bible tells us we are not to live in a "spirit of fear," but how is that possible in times such as these?  Did you know that you can still trust God, but realize that fear is real because danger is ever-present?  It is okay to be afraid, but not okay to live with a spirit of all-consuming fear.

Times such as these...

Doesn't that phrase make you sad?  When I was in junior high (yeah, it wasn't "middle school" back then!) I would walk into town with friends after school and get snacks at a small store before going back to school to watch a football, or basketball game.  And now, I won't even let my children go to the bathroom in a public place by themselves.  On top of boys are never allowed to go into the men's bathroom unless they go with their dad.

Gone are the days...

...feeling safe...even in a small town
...carefree days of playing outside without mom and dad's constant supervision...days of real adventure
...sleeping with the windows open...unless the windows are on the second floor, and inaccessible
...leaving the house unlocked, whether you are home, or not
...leaving the car unlocked
...going to a movie without wondering if evil is lurking in the row in front of you
...going to school without wondering if there will be a bomb threat, gunmen, or someone to bully you
...going to the mall without glancing around to make sure you are safe

Of course, there is still good in the world.  It just isn't the carefree world we used to live in.  This is not the world I want for my children.  Thankfully, this world is only temporary.  We are only passing through, biding our time...until Eternity.  I can't wait for Heaven!

What good have YOU seen in the world lately?  Post a comment!

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