Friday, June 10, 2011

Good news...followed by bad stuff...but it's okay

Wednesday morning we received an email from our landlords.  They have agreed to allow us to stay in their rental home until July 15th.  That is a HUGE answer to prayer!  We are grateful!  We told them that we would remove as much as we could from the house, so it would not looked cluttered and they agreed that they would prefer that we do that.  So, this weekend we will be busy packing and decluttering!  I LOVE decluttering!

I was elated at our good news.  I was excited, too, because we were going to a friends house for lunch, play time, and for me to look over her homeschool curriculum.  I got everyone loaded into the hot van.  Lauren couldn't get the portable dvd player to work, so I was untangling cords and replugging everything and still could not get it to work.  I told the kids we would listen to music instead.  So, dripping with sweat and ready to turn on the air, I put the key in the ignition and ....nothing.  We had a dead battery.  I unloaded all of the kids, called our friends with great disappointment (especially for Lauren because her best friend was going to come home to spend the night), and called Roger to let him know what was going on.  We were all bummed.  Then, back to good news...a friend from Roger's work told him about this place that will send someone to your home to replace the battery!  That was great!  In the end, our friends came over, ended up staying for dinner, we had a blast, Lauren's bff got to spend the night and everyone was happy!

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