Friday, June 10, 2011

Conversational tangents

Anytime I get one-on-one time with my kids I consider it a wonderful blessing!  They love it, too!  Our time usually consists of them talking, and talking, and talking!  They love the fact that they can talk without being interrupted, and I have their undivided attention.  The conversations usually go in tangents because they want to talk about everything!  It is always enjoyable and very cute!

Last night I took Lauren's friend home and then decided to leave Lauren there to spend the night.  So, it was just me, Franklin and Bethany.  It was his chance to talk!  And boy, did he ever?!  He talked about wanting to be spiderman when he grows up, and Miles, too, so they could save New York.  I asked him why New York needed to be saved and he said, "Because of Venom, of course!"  Well, of course!  He talked about our recent trip to Disney World, and the scary Haunted Mansion, and about spending time with his best friend and cousin, Levi.  And then the conversation moved to Bethany, and this is how it went:
Franklin: Mom, is it possible that Bethany is a boy?
Me: No, Franklin,  she is definitely a girl!
Franklin: Maybe she just hasn't grown her part yet.
Me: *laughing hard* No, she would have grown her part while she was inside me if she were a boy.
Franklin: Well, I don't know. I think it's possible.

I'm still laughing!

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Elisa Seaba said...

That is hilarious!