Monday, March 22, 2010

The sick bug BITES!

Last week was a very crazy week! Ian had been running a fever for 9 days and it was going up, so I decided to take him to the doctor Monday morning. I thought that maybe he had an ear infection. Well, the doctor checked him and said his left lung sounded bad and suspected pneumonia. I was shocked! He said he wanted to admit him to the hospital and run some tests because this fever had already gone on too long and since it was getting higher it was a sign that his body was working too hard to fight it. Again...shocked! I had no expectation of going to the hospital.
They had a very difficult time getting blood and getting the IV in. They finally found a place to put it in his foot. He was very unhappy! He felt miserable! He had fluid in his lung, but it wasn't pneumonia. Everything else came back negative. His fever persisted. The doctor was confused and thought that it may be a viral infection in his blood...sort of like mono, except Ian is too young to have mono. I convinced the doctor to let us go home the next day, but his fever was still there, so they gave him an IV bag of antibiotics first. Our deductible for insurance is $10,000, so this is all going to be out of pocket! Ouch! The doctor completely understood and agreed to let us go home as long as I would bring him back to the office the next morning.
Ian's 11 day fever finally broke in the night, so we were relieved. I noticed a rash on him while we were in the doctor's office the next morning. The doctor said that was a good sign. Children will sometimes break out in a rash when their fever breaks. That's new to me! Of course, if his fever came back then that would be a bad sign! The doctor also noticed that Ian had an ear infection. He had checked his ears several times in the hospital, so I'm not sure when that happened. He had already sent us home from the hospital with an antibiotic, so we were good to go.
And then, we both got sick with a stomach virus that I think we picked up at the hospital. Niiiice! And then, Lauren got it, too!
Yeah, it was a tough week!

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