Friday, August 29, 2008

Not Happy!!!

I am not happy with John McCain's choice of a VP! Very disappointed to say the least...
So many reasons, so little time, but you can always ask if you really want to know. :-)


Meredith said...

Ok, I'll ak, mostly because I really like her and have been following her for the past 4 months or so since I first heard her name. I get that it was a bit of a 'political stunt' because it's a woman and that'll draw him some votes, but honestly I was afraid for a time he would pick Meg whoever that's the e-bay founder! LOL I find Palin a MUCH better choice.. so, what's the news, enlighten me, I value your opinion :) (though she is already on the ballot and I think we can both agree we'd rather her in the white house than the alternative....) :)

Kaley said...

Well, I was thinking:) You have been praying for the special needs adoptions, and for the issues surrounding it (and that it would come to people's attention). President Bush has already put into place great funding for adoption programs, so maybe since Palin is pro-life and has a special needs child she will be a strong advocate for special needs adoption funding, not to mention the attention/promotion raising a special needs child will get by having one in the VP house. Just a thought on how God may use it for good.

Shelly said...

Hey Kerry,

I'm finally getting a chance to check out your blog...and I am so impressed. You continue to amaze me. I honestly don't know how you find time to do it all! I am so sorry it has taken me this long to get in touch. We've had a busy summer - my grandpa had been sick and in and out of the hospital and nursing home...then died in July. Brad was on several trips with students to North Carolina and then Mexico, and we all got sick at some point too. Thanks for all your emails and updates. We supported Roger by voting for him (sorry we weren't more of a support) but I am so glad he won. We still haven't met him, but hopefully will get the chance soon. Several of the other candidates were at the Downtown Street Party last month and I thought he might be there. Maybe next time.
Soooo- Congratulations on baby 5 on the way!! I am thrilled for you. I got your emails about the quiche and clothes that Lauren has grown out of. I would love them!
Lastly - I would love to hear why you are not happy about Palin. I haven't had time to do the research and I am really hoping to hear her speak tonight at the Repub Conv. Anyways - thanks for sending the Reece's Rainbow info too. We will support with our votes!