Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ian--Thirty-six weeks

This is my very sick little baby boy. He has been sick since last Saturday. He has had a high fever and terrible diarhea. I change his diapers frequently, but his bottom is red and hurting. It is getting a little better, but it cannot heal completely until the diarhea goes away. He also cut one of his top teeth this week and the second one will be through any day. So, he is sick and teething, which is a terrible combination. I have been keeping him on medicine every three hours, but that only brings his temperature down to 102.5, so I get up throughout the night to give him medicine because I don't want to see how far up it will go.

He drinks a bottle here and there, but he will not eat food. I really think he has Rotavirus. I really hope it goes away soon. He is so miserable that he won't even smile. The other day he went to sleep in my arms at 9:30 in the morning, and I had to wake him up at 2:30, so I could change him and get him to drink a bottle.

He is sitting up pretty well. He will still topple over, but he is doing well. He is also trying to get on his hands and knees. I'm in no hurry for him to crawl! I know how easy I have it right now with him being immobile!

Please pray for my sweet baby.


Dana said...

Poor baby! I can hardly stand to look at that picture! He looks so miserable! Is her better at all yet? I sure hope so!

Deborah said...

Definitely the worst week of his life :-( Get better Ian!

Jennifer said...

Pray for you